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'Sometimes, It's Great To Put The Politics Aside': Man Running Against Local State Senator Finds And Returns Her Lost Wallet

MT. LEBANON, Pa. (KDKA) - A local politician who lost her wallet had an unlikely Good Samaritan help her out -- the man running against her.

Devlin Robinson, a Republican running to be the state senator for the 37th district, shared a story on Facebook about how he found a wallet in the middle of Cochran Road.

When he opened it up to find out who he belonged to, he says he found a driver's license with a familiar face. It turned out the wallet belonged to the state senator currently representing the 37th district -- Democrat Pam Iovino.

"I knew we'd meet up sooner or later, but what a set of circumstances," he says.

Robinson says he returned the wallet and that "she was thrilled to have it back and I was delighted to help out a fellow veteran."

Iovino also posted on Facebook, thanking Robinson for returning her wallet.

"Sometimes, it's great to put the politics aside," he said. "Now, on with the campaign to become the next state senator for the 37th District."

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