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'There's Literally Nothing Left': Beaver County Native Describes Devastating Aftermath Of Kentucky Tornado

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A woman from Koppel, Beaver County said the aftermath from the tornado that ripped through Mayfield, Kentucky, is unlike anything she's ever seen.

Angelina Johnson moved to Millersville, Missouri, with her husband about five years ago. She said they had to take cover when tornado sirens started going off Friday night, but she said her town was spared.

However, Mayfield, which is an hour from Millersville, wasn't.

Mayfield Tornado
(Photo Credit: Angelina Johnson)

"It's completely devastated. There's literally nothing left," Johnson said.

Johnson snapped photos and she drove through what's left of Mayfield.

"I didn't even know the street I was on," Johnson said. "It looks like a war zone, a bomb had been dropped and went off," said Johnson. "The courthouse, which is a historic courthouse, is gone. The candle factory, there's nothing standing. It's completely flat."

That's why Johnson and her neighbor decided to take a drive to help in any way they could.

"We took a lot of bottled water, clothing, food, necessities, things people need. They're in dire need," said Johnson. "These people have no power, no gas, they are relying on what we are bringing to them."

Johnson said she plans on heading back to Mayfield on Wednesday to bring more supplies.

"Not only do they need prayers, they need all the help they can get. They literally have nothing," Johnson said.

Johnson said she's heading home to Beaver County for Christmas and is happy to pick up supplies from anyone in our area who wants to help. She said the best way to reach out to her is on Facebook Messenger here.

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