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Detroit News Views Video That Appears To Show Police Side Of Incident With Chelsa Wagner, Her Husband

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – There was no reaction on Monday from the Detroit police chief after Allegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner released video this weekend that seems to show her being taken down by a Detroit police officer.

Wagner claims she has injured and wrongfully hauled off to jail.

She says it all started after hotel officials would not let her husband return to their room.

But police video seen by the Detroit News may tell a different story.

Video taken and released over the weekend by Wagner seems to validate her claim that Detroit police roughed her up after handcuffing her husband, Khari Mosley, seeking to remove him from their Westin hotel room in Detroit.

Bruises on Wagner's body suggest she sustained injuries in the scuffle, although Detroit Police Chief James Craig justified his officers' conduct.

"Certainly she was taken to the ground, but there was a reason for that," Craig said on Friday. "We feel that the officers' actions were appropriate. They were measured, and they treated both with professionalism given both had a level of intoxication."


But so far the chief has not released the body-cam video to the general public that might show the other side of the story.

The incident began when Mosley stayed downstairs for a nightcap when his wife went to bed -- and then realized he didn't have his room key.

After the Westin hotel refused to give him a room key and called police, the situation escalated.

"What they told me was the option was to go to another hotel," Mosley said on Saturday.

Dressed in pajamas, Wagner was asleep in her room when police knocked on her door with her husband in handcuffs and then slammed the door on her.

Wagner: "Where is he going?"

Police: "None of your business. He'll call and let you know."

Wagner: "No, no. He is my business. No, no, sir."

After the door slams, Wagner follows the police and her husband down the hall to the elevator where she steps between the officers and the elevator.

Ultimately, Wagner was taken to jail in pajamas and no shoes.

Wagner says she cried the whole time.

"No bra, just light thin pajamas in a cell that was 50 degrees," she said.

"I was taking the cardboard inside the toilet paper to put under my feet to make some buffer between my feet and the concrete floor in a 50-degree room."

"It was just horrific."

On Monday afternoon, the Detroit News reported that it has seen the police body cam video, and it shows both Wagner and Mosley intoxicated and swearing at police officers.

Police video shows Mosley being put in a police car, then released, shouting, "Hands up, don't shoot, I'm not a threat."

When he shouts that in the hotel lobby, an officer asks, "Why you got to be so loud," calling him "brother."

Mosley says, "Y'all treated me like a second class citizen. Don't even come with that brother [expletive]."

"Y'all didn't treat me like an African American who's been here for four hundred years."

"Detroit is bull [expletive]. Don't come at me with that [expletive]. What the [expletive] is going on here?"

At this point, a hotel security guard asks police to kick Mosley out of the hotel.

"We've got guests who are waking up," the guard says on the tape seen by the Detroit News.

The newspaper further reports that the video has Wagner first telling officers that she is the "highest ranking official in Allegheny County," and later clarifying that she is the "highest ranking female official in the county."

Chelsa Wagner
Chelsa Wagner (Photo Credit: KDKA)

In response to the Detroit News report, Wagner released the following email statement to KDKA on Monday:

"After returning from Detroit, we scheduled time late Friday evening and all day Saturday to meet one on one with national and Pittsburgh media outlets to share out story. While our response is fully stated in those interviews, we want to reiterate that our rights were grossly violated as guests of the Westin Hotel and visitors to the City of Detroit.

"We look forward to being fully vindicated on these matters presently, we are taking time out to recover and spend time with our children."

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