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Deputies Post 'No Trespassing' Signs At Mellon Green

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It appears that time has officially run out on Occupy Pittsburgh protestors.

The group was ordered by a judge to leave Mellon Green by Monday afternoon.

On Tuesday, sheriff's deputies and posted "No trespassing" signs and then left the area.

Some Occupy members have moved out of the Pittsburgh encampment, but left garbage and mud behind.

The "No trespassing" signs are the next step in the process to close off the park to the protestors. The next step to be taken would be to act on the execution order that mandated they vacate the park Monday afternoon.

There is no word on when that may happen at this time.

A major concern at the moment is the rodents moving in.

It has been116 days since Occupy Pittsburgh took over Mellon Green and turned it into the People's Park. The once green space downtown has become a mass of garbage and mud.

"It's messy, dirty, muddy. It was nice when it was a park," one woman said.

Sanitary conditions at the Occupy encampment have become a subject of conversation and criticism.

"It's being kept as we could have cleaned it. There was a point in time where we did have some trouble making a transition from when BNY stopped taking our garbage and us making our own garbage," Don Carpenter said.

It is more than garbage. It's what's feeding on and living in it.

"There are some rats. Yes," Carpenter said.

"Rats did not come into Pittsburgh because of Occupy. They've been here long before us and will be here long after us," Jessie Mark said.

The Allegheny County Health Department said while they are aware of the vermin issue in the Occupy encampment, it's a private park and BNY Mellon will have to deal with it.

Until then, Carpenter said he'll try his best to do his part.

"My goal today also is to continue clean up and relocation efforts on the rest of the supplies that need to go somewhere. Hopefully I can leave this place as neat as I found it," Carpenter said.

Meanwhile, the eviction watch is on by protesters.

Carpenter said he'll stay until they move him out forcibly.

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