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Dept. Of Agriculture Testing Local Dairy For Source Of Bacterial Outbreak

INDEPENDENCE TOWNSHIP (KDKA) -- It is still a mystery as to what is causing a bacterial outbreak at a dairy in Beaver County.

The Brunton Dairy in Independence Township had previously stopped production after several people got sick. Now, some federal officials have joined the investigation.

Cows are still being milked at the Brunton Dairy, but the milk can no longer be processed at the facility. The more than 500 gallons produced each day are being sent to another dairy.

Somewhere on the Brunton farm is a source of the bacteria Yersinia, and no one seems to know where it is coming from, not even the United States Department of Agriculture. They are helping with the testing.

This summer, the family-run business voluntarily shut down milk production. It resumed in October, only to shut down again.

But devoted customers remain just that.

"We've been coming here for years," said Jeno Alviani, a local customer. "When we found out about this, I got disappointed because I love this kind of milk."

Some customers came to the store to get their milk, others had it delivered to their home, and now one of those customers is suing the dairy.

Several people say they have become ill after drinking the milk, but one customer claims after drinking the bottled milk in June and July he developed acute kidney failure stemming from septic shock and is on dialysis three times a week.

KDKA's Brenda Waters reports that he could not be reached for comment. Also, Brunton Dairy had no comment.

None of the milk was sold in any of the major grocery stores.

Brunton Dairy
United States Department of Agriculture
Local Dairy Stops Producing Milk, 5 Sickened (8/2/2011)

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