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Demonstrators Calling For North Side Exxon To Be Shut Down After Viral Assault Video

NORTH SIDE (KDKA) -- Police and protestors were back at a gas station on the North Side where two African-American women were assaulted on Friday.

Demonstrators have taken over the Exxon on Brighton Road after video captured the gas station workers beating the women.

The video went viral and many are demanding the gas station be shut down.

"They were calling me an animal, saying, 'If you act like an animal, I'm going to treat you like one' as they were pulling my hair," one of the women said.

The protest started yesterday and continued into today with outraged members of the community speaking out.

"It was disgusting, it angered me, but I had to refocus my anger to say what can I do to change this?" Sharon McIntosh asked.

"It's very, very disturbing, it's a sign of disrespect for the people who patronize this business," Ginger Underwood added. "There was no reason for it."

The women say they bought gas, but the pump wasn't working and the clerks refused to give them a refund. Tempers flared and eventually led to violence. Several women in the group vouched for the character of the women.

"I don't believe they've ever fought before in their lives, my goal and every day from now on, is to shut this place down," said Roberta Bowra.

Meanwhile, the local branch of the NAACP is joining the protest.

"No matter what they said or did, you don't jump on women like that and you don't treat women like that," said Richard A. Stewart, NAACP Local Pittsburgh President. "You don't treat women like that. That's what I witnessed. They swarmed them like they were wild animals."

Police say multiple people will face charges, but Stewart is calling for aggravated assault.

"Have them go to a hearing and whatever the judge deems necessary, high bond, put them on house arrest, whatever they have to do to keep them confined," he said.

The report has been turned over to the Allegheny County DA, women's groups and community organizations will be waiting to see what charges will be filed.


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