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Democratic County Executive Candidates Debate Issues

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) --The two Democrats running for Allegheny County Executive went at each other Friday morning on NewsRadio 1020 KDKA.

The debate was hosted by KDKA's Marty Griffin.

Rich Fitzgerald and Mark Patrick Flaherty first focused on their strengths to be county executive, but the candidates generally clashed over campaign ads, including a new Flaherty on the Port Authority tunnel which Fitzgerald called a lie.

"No, I am not lying, and I definitely am not desperate. I think the tunnel's a real issue. I think it was done incorrectly," Flaherty said.


"I had nothing to do with the tunnel, but it's a Corbett-like attack," Fitzgerald said. "It's what Tom Corbett used last fall against Dan Onorato. And, again, if you're the controller in charge of the county tax dollars, where were you for the last eight years talking about the tunnel?"

Fitzgerald attacked Flaherty for sharing a post office box with Republican Corbett.

"I have not aligned myself with Tom Corbett," Flaherty said.

"Why use the P.O. Box at all?" questioned Fitzgerald.

"First, of all it's a vendor. I have a vendor who was a vendor for Mr. Corbett," Flaherty explained.

But much of the debate, the candidates talked over each other.

Marty Griffin repeated a commonly heard refrain on the campaign trail that this race was between "lazy" and "crazy."

Both candidates denied being either.

Democrats will pick their nominee next Tuesday.

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