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Dealing With Family Members That Drive You Crazy This Thanksgiving

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) - Millions of American families are preparing to gather to celebrate a dinner full of fun and love this Thanksgiving.

Well, not so fast. Some have a lot of anxiety and angst about sitting down with their family. Some are worried an argument could break out. Licensed professional counselor Dr. Reuben Brock tells the "KDKA Morning News" tensions could be higher than normal after an emotional election season.

"Don't forget, that these people are your family and whether you like their political affiliations or anything else, they're going to be your family tomorrow and so you don't want the conversations to get so heated that you're flipping tables...and you have an incident that people will remember forever," says Dr. Brock.

If you know you don't agree with someone on a particular issue, Dr. Brock says to simply avoid talking about it.

"Give yourself permission to not talk about certain things. Not talking about politics is okay, or picking and choosing who you talk to. If you know there is a couple of people you agree with, fine, go down that path, have that conservation, "says Dr. Brock.

Dr. Brock adds if you disagree with grandma it isn't worth having a conversation that could turn into an argument.

"Who's going to gain from having that conversation where you and grandma [end up] throwing mashed potatoes at each other," says Dr. Brock.

Dr. Brock says to think about it like this:

"If you know your uncle and aunt just got a don't bring that up at the dinner table and so if you know that politics is going to be particularly sensitive to you or particularly sensitive to someone else in your family, the Thanksgiving dinner table probably isn't the place to have that conversation."

While it is difficult to tip toe around other people and keep your mouth shut about certain things, Dr. Brock reminds that, "Thanksgiving is about family and fellowship and having food and really warm feelings and so if I knew that my Thanksgiving dinner was going to be talking about people I disagree with, I'd probably stay home."

For more information on Dr. Brock, visit his website here.

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