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DEA, IRS Officials Raid Downtown Jewelry Stores

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Law enforcement officials from several departments, including the DEA, raided two Downtown Pittsburgh jewelry stores Wednesday.

Federal agents with guns drawn stormed into the two downtown businesses, the 2T jewelry store on Fifth Avenue and another about a block away on Wood Street, around mid-morning.

Customers Brenda Herring and Joanne Ross watched it happen.

"They busted through the door," said Herring.

KDKA's Marty Griffin: "The federal agents came in with their guns drawn?"

Ross: "Yes. They just came in. They didn't say who they were or nothing. They just had their guns and came in, shut the door behind them and they just put everybody on the wall and searched them."

Agents from the IRS, Treasury and DEA collected money and records – filling boxes. They had little to say about the six-hour raid.

"Agents and officers here today are on official business," said Cynthia Pfeifer, of the IRS. "What items we are looking at, I cannot further comment."

The man who told KDKA's Marty Griffin that he owns both jewelry stores says he did not pay his taxes, and says he owes well over $10,000. He says he forgot to file the paperwork.

He also said federal agents accused him of selling fake gold and diamond jewelry. But he tells KDKA he sells the real thing.

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