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Rainy Weather Causes Major Landslide In Oakmont

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OAKMONT (KDKA) -- The rainy weather caused a major landslide in Oakmont.

Dark Hollow Road shut down Monday because of a heaping pile of mud and debris.

According to police, it all started Thursday with just one tree that fell in the road. Now, the force of all that mud is so strong that it has pushed the guard rail down into the creek.

High on top of the hillside, a home that sits at the end of Ninth Street overlooks the spot on Dark Hollow Road where the landslide happened. Nobody was home when KDKA-TV's news crew stopped by Monday to ask them how safe they feel with the hillside giving way down below.

Police closed Dark Hollow Road in both directions.

According to police, the landslide happened in three phases, starting with a tree down Thursday morning. When officers arrived, they heard a loud roar, which was the sound of more trees crashing down.

Then, rain on Thursday night caused heaps of mud to slide off the hill and pile up on the roadway.

Thankfully, the water in the creek the other side of the road does not appear to be rising. On Monday, it looked to be about 15 feet below the roadway.

There is now a stream of water flowing down the hillside.

No word on when the clean-up process will begin.

KDKA-TV called, emailed and stopped by the Borough office. They are closed for the Presidents' Day holiday.

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