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Law Clerk Named Danny DeVito Running For Pa. State House

CARNEGIE, Pa. (KDKA) - The quiet Main Street of Carnegie is where Danny DeVito plies his trade.

No, it is not the set of the latest Hollywood production filming in our area and this Danny DeVito has never heard the bark of a director yelling "Action!"

This Danny DeVito is a law clerk who has lived his 27 years hearing about the famous actor by the same name.

"A lot of older people will mention 'Taxi,' people my age will mention 'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.'"

Danny DeVito already had 20 movies under his acting belt when law clerk Danny was born.

"I had to become a fan of him in terms of being able to recognize the jokes people throw at me. I don't like his politics, I'll tell you that."

Politics is what this story is all about.

Staunch Republican Law Clerk Danny DeVito wants to be the next representative in the 45th District of the Pennsylvania State House.

"It's time for somebody my age, honestly" he says. "I'm younger than the average candidate, but we need people who have the energy to fight these battles."

Specifically, he's talking about fight Mayor Bill Peduto's desire to restrict any further Shale Gas development in the region and Governor Tom Wolf's push for a severance tax on the Shale industry.

"We do not need a severance tax, we need to incentivize the industry to come in an dig as much as possible," says DeVito.

Democratic State Representative Anita Kulik couldn't agree more: "I'm against the severance tax, I always have been against the severance tax."

Rep. Kulik has the job DeVito wants and has the same positions on the Shale Industry.

"I believe we need the jobs here in western Pennsylvania, desperately need the jobs," says Rep. Kulik.

As for running against an unknown opponent who enters the race with instant name recognition?

"I hope that in the past 3 years that I've been in office, that I have name recognition. I work my district every day," she says.

"I've got several decades of experience in the legal profession, in local government and now in state government that I believe is imperative to have if you are going to go up to Harrisburg."

DeVito plans to capitalize on every advantage he can find.

"If my name recognition helps me, that's great and I'm willing to use that if needed. But at the same time, I want to introduce voters to myself," DeVito says.

While he may not like the actor's politics, he says, "If he wants to write me a campaign check I'll take that."

DeVito will be running for office while still trying to get his own shingle. He takes the bar exam next month.

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