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Employee's Positive Coronavirus Test Is A Wake-Up Call For Restaurant Following Reopening, Owners Say

MONROEVILLE, Pa. (KDKA) -- It's back to being shuttered for Dad's Pub and Grub after an employee tested positive for coronavirus last week, the owners said.

On June 19, an employee who works at the Monroeville location reported concerns to management about coming into contact with coronavirus outside of work, according to Dan Hadley, one of three co-owners.

Hadley said the employee was ordered to stay home pending a coronavirus test, which came back positive later that evening.

Hadley said the owners immediately notified their employees and indefinitely closed the business that same day.

Signs were posted on the front door about the positive case, as well as on social media.

(Photo Credit: Royce Jones/KDKA)

"We thought being transparent and taking the necessary precautions would put some minds at rest. And also if people are concerned, they need to go get tested," said Hadley.

Owners said the employee last clocked into the Monroeville location last Wednesday and Thursday.

The person was reportedly asymptomatic and took the test after learning somebody they'd recently had contact with tested positive.

Hadley and the other owners told KDKA that social distancing is a topic commonly discussed between staff and management at Dad's.

"We don't want to tell them they can't live their lives. But at the same time, we want them to be smart. Because at the end of the day, if one of us gets sick, we're done," said Hadley.

The owners said Dad's is also temporarily shuttering its Braddock Hills location and stopping all food truck events.

Dad's told KDKA the decision was made because some of its nearly 50 employees work interchangeably across multiple locations.

All employees at Dad's must now be tested for coronavirus before returning to work, according to Hadley.

Since reopening on June 5, masks were made mandatory for patrons and staff. The owners are hopeful this precaution helped limit any spread.

The positive test was also a wake-up call, owners say.

"Taking those steps may have paid off," said Hadley.

The owners said they plan on reopening June 29, but not before a cleaning company sanitizes all spaces.

The employee who tested positive is reportedly doing fine.


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