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As Debate Over Masks Continues In Schools, Parents Turn To PA Cyber

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- As schools welcome students back, districts are changing their masking guidelines at the last minute.

Some parents are now making last-minute decisions about whether or not to send their kids back to in-person learning.

Brian Hayden, the CEO of PA Cyber, said, "It is significant and it is often because of masks," regarding the recent surge in inquiries.

According to Hayden, mask-wearing has ignited an enrollment explosion, with hundreds of parents submitting last-minute inquiries before school starts.

"We had 142 web inquiries when we came in Tuesday morning. Two years ago, we had 75 on the same day," Hayden said.

Anticipating high enrollment, PA Cyber hired a wave of new instructors. However, PA Cyber's cap on students set by the state is 11,677, and enrollment numbers are already over 10,000.

"This week has been another record-breaking week," Hayden said.

If this pace continues, the system could max out for the second year in a row, meaning parents considering cyber school should not sit on submitting their inquiries. PA Cyber starts school on Monday.

For more information about PA Cyber, click here.

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