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Cyber Monday Sales Likely To Last Well Into December

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- It's CyberMonday -- a day where shopping online might yield better deals -- so maybe it's no surprise lots of employees sneaked some time to go online while at work, one survey predicted.

"We found that at least one in four consumers plan to spend at least half their work day shopping online," Christy Rabil of RetailMeNot.Com told KDKA money editor Jon Delano on Monday.

"It doesn't surprise me, and I think a lot of people probably are doing it," noted Danette Yurich of Harmony.

But with shopping online more than just a single day event, the lure of CyberMonday may not be quite what it once was.

"When you shop online there are new discounts every day it seems," said Prof. Elaine Luther of the Point Park University School of Business.

Luther says the good deals of CyberMonday are not going away.

"They're still be deals. There'll still be sales, this week and next week as well," she added.

"Now it's not just about one day. It's about looking for savings whenever they might pop up," noted C-NET senior editor Scott Stein.

Stein says it's a consumer marketplace out there -- meaning the good deals are only just beginning.

"Retailers and online sellers cannot afford to have this be the last time to have anything put on sale, so you're guaranteed you're going to see some more sales," adds Stein.

Consumers are counting on it, too.

"I think CyberMonday is kind of catchy, but if the deals are coming out on Tuesday or Wednesday, I think that people might wait 'til then," said Cara Group of Mt. Washington.

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