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Crowds In Awe Of Fireworks Displays At Pyrofest

HAMPTON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) -- For the second year in a row, fireworks lit up the sky over Hartwood Acres in Hampton Township for Pyrofest.

There was a universal love at Hartwood Acres this holiday weekend

"They're beautiful, they are," said one person in attendance at the fireworks festival. "They're a great thing."

Thousands of people, young, old and every age in between, gathered Saturday night to enjoy a Pittsburgh pastime.

"Coming with friends and family; I think it's a good thing," said one Pyrofest attendee. "I like it."

Pyrotecnico puts the show on at Hartwood Acres in Hampton Township. Pyrofest touts itself as the largest fireworks display in the country, and people in the area have taken notice.

"The ones I saw so far were different than the ones downtown," said one man attending the festival. "The colors were more brighter and more vivid."

From The Clarks entertaining to eight displays, the booms and lights put a smile on the littlest faces, and the big kids, too.

"I like watching them explode," said one person watching the show.

"It's the most unbelievable thing I've ever seen," added another.

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