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Coyotes Kill 2 Baby Alpacas, Attack Other Animals In Westmoreland Co.

WASHINGTON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) -- People living near the Humming Valley Alpaca Farm in Washington Township are on edge after numerous coyote attacks in recent months.

Just this week, two baby alpacas were killed.

"They're rather valuable animals. They're very endearing animals," said neighbor Gary Wehrle. "They're very kind animals."

Earlier this year, six peacocks were killed at a farm up the street. A seventh was attacked but survived. Also, family dog was attacked.

The Pennsylvania Game Commission confirmed that coyotes were responsible for the attacks, but the families didn't need proof.

They caught a photo of a coyote on a game cam, found footprints in the woods and hear the chilling sounds each and every night.

It's hooting and hollering, and just high-pitched screams; something like you'd hear out of a horror movie essentially," Brett Stevenson, a neighbor, said.

Garrison Wehrle, 10, worries about his family's pets. Especially the goats and lambs he raised all by himself.

"My goats mean a lot to me, and if I lost them – they were $250 apiece, so – and I really love them," said Garrison.

There are 28 alpacas living on the farm. They are gentle, beautiful and worth big bucks, between $5,000 and $150,000.

The alpacas killed this week were valued at $20,000 apiece.

That's why a donkey was brought in to guard the alpacas, and a remaining baby alpaca was taken to another farm where it will be safe.

Now the family is issuing a warning to other residents living in the area with animals living outside.

"Just be aware that in this area there's obviously a rash of coyotes, very aggressive coyotes, attacking pretty much anything they can get their hands on," said Gary Wehrle. "So, just beware."

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