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Coyote Pup Spotted In Aspinwall

By: KDKA-TV News Staff

ASPINWALL (KDKA) -- The Aspinwall Police Department says that they found a coyote pup while on patrol last night in Aspinwall.

coyote aspinwall
(Photo Credit: Aspinwall Police Department/Facebook)

Police did not give an exact location of where the pup was spotted but that it was in the "upper parts of Aspinwall."

According to Aspinwall Police, coyotes are typically scared of humans and will not want to engage if they are scared off.

They are encouraging people to be mindful of coyotes potentially being in the area and gave tips on how to deal with one when it is in or near a residential area.

Some the tips include:

  • Make yourself look big and make loud noises
  • Do not turn your back or run away from a coyote
  • Do not feed or try to tame a coyote
  • Keep pets away from coyotes
  • Correctly store and seal all kinds of food left in the garbage and remove any food outside (birdfeeders, fallen fruit)

If you are unsure about an animal in the area, police ask that you call 911.

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