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Couple Finds Cat Under Hood During Morning Commute

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Seven hundred cats could tell 700 stories at the Animal Rescue League of Western Pennsylvania.

One of those stories began Wednesday morning on the Smithfield Street Bridge where a Mount Lebanon couple heard a loud caterwauling under the hood.

They pulled over, and brought the stray into the car, where it promptly disappeared.

Pittsburgh Animal Control came to the rescue, finally locating the feline under the driver side dashboard.

Next stop: the Animal Rescue League. It will be a temporary home, but probably the only home that little kitten has ever had.

ARL vet tech Stephanie Williams says the cat is still fearful.

"Right now he obviously seems very nervous," she said. "He's had a very traumatic day. So we'll just observe him, see if we can start handling him, and go from there."

She says it's not unusual for cats to crawl up under the hood.

"They look for places that are warm, and especially if a car is just shut off, the engine's going to be warm, and they get up there and cuddle up," Williams said. "And some cats just like places to hide. And the engine seems like a perfect place for them."

She says the cat will be fine.

"We do have some staff members who are interested in him, so it looks like his future's going to be pretty good."


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