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Facebook Flaunt Lands Local Couple In Jail

TRAFFORD (KDKA) -- A Pitcairn woman and her boyfriend are facing charges after she posted a photo of a stolen ring on Facebook.

Crystal Yamnitzky, 20, and 21-year-old Robert Driscoll were at a home in Trafford earlier this week when Driscoll stole a 3-carat ring as well a few others from an upstairs bedroom.

A short time later, Yamnitzky posted a photo of the $12,000 ring on Facebook with the caption, "Look what Robby gave me. I love him so much."

Police questioned Yamnitzky after being made aware of the photo, but by that point Driscoll had already pawned the ring at a shop in Monroeville. The transaction was caught on tape. Both Yamnitzky and Driscoll were arrested.

They are being held in the Westmoreland County jail on $10,000 and $25,000 bond respectively.

Driscoll's grandmother told KDKA that he has had a long battle with addiction to heroin. She believeS he relapsed and stole the ring because of constant pressure from Yamnitzky.

Yamnitzky and Driscoll have a six-month old daughter named Tesa who Driscoll's family is taking care of and working to get custody.

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