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Additional Election Sites Open Across Allegheny County

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Saturday was the first day for the additional election sites across Allegheny County.

Within minutes of opening their doors, a line that formed in Homewood at the election site. It went down North Homewood Avenue and almost around the corner.

"If you don't participate in the process, then there's no reason to complain," Julius Hopson said while waiting to drop off his ballot.

"I wanted to get my vote in as soon as possible," Renee Evans of the East Hills said.

It was one of five sites across Allegheny County accepting mail-in ballots and helping people register for them. The other sites included North and South Park, Carnegie, and the county office building downtown.

"I know my ballot is going to be counted and that's most important to me," Mary Ann Cupples said after turning in her ballot.

County election leaders said at the end of each day the ballots will be taken back from the election sites for safekeeping.

"It was very easy. We didn't feel intimidated. I felt it was very safe and secure," Justine Martin said after voting in her first general election.

She found the process to be simple.

According to an Allegheny County Spokesperson, the longest wait time in the morning was at Homewood around 12-17 minutes, but our crews saw the line go faster as the morning went on.

"It's convenient so I don't miss work," Hopson said.

Voters hope this format of the multiple satellite sites can be used again in future elections.

"It's very convenient for everybody," Cupples said at the Carnegie site.

"I think it would encourage more people to vote in all elections," Martin said.

The county said roughly 8,700 ballots were returned at the five offices on Saturday.

Now to find the sites nearest your home as well as the date and time you can drop your ballot off click here.

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