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Country music star Naomi Judd dies at age 76

Naomi Judd dies at 76 01:25

NASHVILLE (KDKA) - Just one day before she was to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame along with her daughter Wynona, Naomi Judd has died at the age of 76.

She and Wynona, known just as the Judds, owned a corner of country music in the 80s and carved a special path for women.

Judd died by suicide and Wynona and Ashley Judd issued a statement saying they "lost their mom to the disease of mental illness."

Long-time Y108 country music DJ Stoney Richards couldn't believe it.

"Naomi was such a strong woman you would never expect this to take her down," he said. "We never expect any of those things to take us down but she leaves a great legacy and two beautiful daughters, and again in this business the music, the music lives on."

Naomi had a life-threatening battle with hepatitis in the early 90s and spent years in recovery.

The Judds had recently performed at the Country Music Awards on April 11.

Again, Judd was 76-years-old.

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