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Councilwoman: Permanent Solution Needed To Address Landslides

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WEST END (KDKA) – Landslides are unpredictable. The one that destroyed a house in Pittsburgh's West End is no different.

In fact, inspectors say the ground is still moving. Crews are trying hard not to let the ground move under their feet as they try to stabilize the hillside.

It's been five days since a landslide on Greenleaf Street in the Duquesne Heights section of Pittsburgh destroyed a home and brought down dirt, debris, trees and utility poles along the way.

The slide also forced the closure of a section of Route 51 in the West End, which has caused a problem for motorists.

"We will need people to find alternative means to get to work, traveling at a different time, taking a different route, commuting with a friend, anything that can reduce traffic volume through the area," Karina Ricks, of the Pittsburgh Department of Mobility and Infrastructure, said.

Councilwoman Theresa Kail-Smith represents the West End.

"I know they have been working around the clock, a lot of folks putting in a lot of time and they anticipate it will be at least a week before the road opens," she said.

The councilwoman said it is time to stop putting a Band-Aid on the problem and look for a permanent solution.

"I think we need additional funding from the state and federal government. We need something more significant because we have so many slides. We cannot continue to shut down roads," she said.

Crews are hoping to re-open the section of Route 51 and ramps leading to it next week. However, like a landslide, that too can change.

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