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Amid Concerns, Hampton Township Council Approves 5G Utility Pole Near Elementary School

HAMPTON TOWNSHIP (KDKA) -- Tensions were high in Hampton Township as a council approved a controversial utility pole with wireless technology, amid concerns from residents.

The residents were angry and emotional on Wednesday, pleading for the council to reject the application for the pole, which will go near Poff Elementary School and provide improved cell service.

But the council voted unanimously to approve it, saying their hands were tied by the law.

"They complied with all of our township zoning ordinances," said council president Michael Peters.

Hampton Township residents took their turns speaking at the council meeting about what they say are health concerns regarding the utility pole with 5G capability.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

"There are no tests yet that say it's safe and they're putting it right next to an elementary school," said Hampton Township resident Lainy Carslaw.

Crown Castle, the company installing the pole, is confident the technology does not pose any health risks.

Crown Castle also said the pole will be 33 feet tall with cell nodes attached to it.

Council said they looked into several options in regards to rejecting the application or delaying the vote but concluded anything other than a vote in favor of the application would result in legal trouble.

"We certainly wish that we had more control over our own destiny," said Peters. "Unfortunately, the state and federal government have deemed otherwise."

Crown Castle issued a statement, saying

"The scientific and health communities have all come to the same general conclusion, there are no established health hazards from exposure to RF emissions with the established FCC guidelines."

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