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While Eager Shoppers Hit The Stores, Experts Warn Stress Buying Is Speeding Spending

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - It was a busy Thursday in Shadyside. Business doors were propped open and easels on the sidewalks warranted a warm welcome for shoppers.

Some people told KDKA they couldn't fight the temptation to open their wallets on Walnut Street.

"Especially with working all this time and saving all that money," said Delaney O'Shea, who was shopping with her friend.

But before blowing through the cash that's been burning holes in people's pockets during the pandemic, Dr. Audrey Guskey, Associate Professor of Marketing at Duquesne University said people should ask themselves, "If I left the store now, would I feel bad that I didn't buy it?"

Dr. Guskey said after spending months on stay at home orders, shoppers should be cautious about stress buying.

"Consumers have been penned up and they want to get out there and spend spend spend," said Dr. Guskey.

Dorene Ciletti, Director of Point Park University's Sales and Marketing program offers this advice for shoppers itching to spend. "Go back through bank statements. It's easy to do online and you can kind of look at your spending. Think about the categories you're spending in and think about the lpervwntsge of your budget that may be."

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