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Contest Looking For Pittsburgh's "Next Reality Star"

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Now's your chance to get your own reality TV show.

The Next Reality Star Pittsburgh contest is looking for colorful Pittsburghers to create a reality show around.

From Amber Brkich on "Survivor" to "Dance Moms" set in Penn Hills to the family in Butler County who star in "Farm Kings," our area has already seen its share of reality stars.

But the people behind this contest think there's a star out there yet to be found.

"Pittsburgh is a treasure trove of reality stars that don't know they're reality stars," said Carl Kurlander from Steeltown Entertainment.

"We want to find a real, true Pittsburgher or a group of Pittsburghers," said Ellen Berkman Davis. "We know that people can relate to a Pittsburgher because they're really just good-hearted people."

Berkman Davis came back to Pittsburgh after managing casting departments for "Survivor" and "The Amazing Race."

Bob Kusbit has created reality shows for MTV and CMT.

They're already getting video auditions: one from a body builder who now impersonates Elvis, and another from a law student who has a collection of tank tops.

They'll hold an open casting call at WQED studios in Oakland on Nov. 17.

Once they pick a winner, they'll make a video showcasing the winner's life, and then they'll shop it around to various networks to see if it becomes a series.

For more information, go to the contest website:

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