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Contentious battle for Republican nomination for Pennsylvania attorney general

Republican candidates seeking nomination for Pennsylvania attorney general
Republican candidates seeking nomination for Pennsylvania attorney general 02:58

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The Pennsylvania primary is just three weeks from Tuesday.

As KDKA-TV political editor Jon Delano reports, one of the most hotly contested race is for attorney general, an office that many view as a stepping stone. Here is a closer look at the Republicans running.

Two of the last three governors were attorney general: Republican Tom Corbett and Democrat Josh Shapiro. So, it's an important office, and two Republicans are seeking their party's nomination.

York County District Attorney Dave Sunday and State Rep. Craig Williams of Delaware County both claim prosecutorial experience. 

"I was asked to start the first prosecution branch of the Marine Corps Reserves," Williams said. "So, for a few years, I was the commander of all prosecutors in the Marine Corps Reserves, and our predominant job, believe it or not, was to travel the world teaching active-duty, young prosecutors in the Marine Corps how to be prosecutors."

While Williams cites his work in the military, Sunday notes his skills as a local district attorney.

"I have fought against gangs as a special assistant United States Attorney," Sunday said. "I have fought against drug traffickers from all spectrums of the process. I am a longtime jury trial litigator, so I have been one of our top homicide jury trial prosecutors."

The race has been somewhat contentious, with Sunday winning the endorsement of the Republican State Party, despite Williams' claim that Sunday came late to the Republican Party. 

"The number one thing that distinguishes me is that I've been a lifelong Republican," Williams said. "My opponent was a Democrat until he was 37 years old. I have said publicly that he voted for Barack Obama and Joe Biden. I believe it's three times. He's never denied that."

"I absolutely did not vote for Barack Obama or Joe Biden," Sunday said. "I don't know where he manufactures his information from."

Williams, a House leader in impeaching Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, says he's the stronger nominee for the fall, while Sunday says he's best to win, having won in York County without Democratic opposition.

"I am a collaborator," Sunday said. "I work with everyone to get the job done. Everybody. And through that, we have had tremendous successes and amazing outcomes."

"At the end of the day, we're going to be having a debate about violent crime and which of the seven of us is most capable of being hard as nails, tough, combat proven, and ready to take the fight to take our streets back, and that's me," Williams said.

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