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Rep. Murphy's South Hills Office Cleared Out With Resignation Going Into Effect

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MOUNT LEBANON (KDKA) -- Saturday is the final day in office for U.S. Congressman Tim Murphy. The South Hills Republican is resigning amid reports he asked his mistress to get an abortion during a pregnancy scare.

Murphy's has had his district office in Mount Lebanon ever since he was elected to the state Senate in 1996. Eight years late, it became a congressional office.

Now, it's been cleared out. Murphy's name has been removed and the office space is up for rent.

Many of his constituents say he had to go.

"For the things we're hearing that he's done, it's probably a good thing, but I think we should probably find somebody, I think, could do a job just as well as he did," said one voter.

The 65-year-old Murphy will be lose his $174,000 a year salary, but he'll get his pension from Congress, which is an estimated $49,000 a year. He'll also get another pension from the Pennsylvania Senate, another $8,700 a year.

In the meantime, people in the South Hills don't have a representative in Washington DC. Although, Murphy's staff is still on the job.

"Disgrace is disgrace. Guy of his profession shouldn't resort to the garbage that he did," another voter said.

Gov. Tom Wolf has 10 days to call for a special election. But the election can't be held for at least 60 days. Whoever wins the seat will probably hold it for less than a year, because of the election in Nov. 2018.

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