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Commission Considers Increasing Wholesale Gas Tax, Vehicle Fees To Fund Roads

PITTSBURGH (NewsRadio 1020 KDKA) -- Joe Markosek, Democratic Appropriations Committee Chairman, talks with KDKA Radio's Mike Pintek about  Gov. Tom Corbett's Transportation Funding Advisory Commission.

According to a report, one idea would require drivers to pay a few cents more for a gallon of gasoline in addition to higher registration, driver's license and other vehicle-related fees.

"In order to solve the transportation problem, they're going to have to find new revenue somewhere, somehow and a lot of it," Markosek said.

"There's been commissions before that have indicated about $3.5 billion per year … and new money to really get our system up to where it belongs and a safe system as well to where that should be.

"And in order to do that, we're probably going to have to have a lot of different things that we're going to have to look at in terms of options to raise funds," he added.

Listen to the full interview:


The commission is also considering reducing the number of driver's license centers across the state and closing them on the weekends, in addition to charging for the road test portion of the driving test and authorizing private companies to offer testing.

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