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New Laws Will Allow College Athletes To Profit Off Their Likeness

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - As several states including Pennsylvania have laws starting for college athletes to profit off their likeness, the NCAA announced it will allow athletes to do so.

This will allow athletes to get paid for sponsorship deals, endorsements, and personal appearances. It applies to all three divisions of the NCAA or about 460,000 athletes.

Ten states, including Pennsylvania, have laws coming into place, so the NCAA made the move so every athlete can capitalize on their image.

In Pennsylvania, the law stops college governing bodies from restricting an athlete's endorsement deals, and it requires people selling team merchandise to pay royalties to athletes.

Pitt announced its "Forged Here" program to help student-athletes maximize on their brand.

The NCAA wants to work with Congress on creating federal laws to provide more clarity on a national level.

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