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Cold Weather Drains Your Cell Phone

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Snow, ice, cold and wind are making life miserable -- and you may have noticed it's also taking a toll on cell phones and other electronics used outdoors.

"It sucks," says LaRoche College student Haylee Pottieger.

Pottieger saw her phone's battery life dropping fast, especially when she calls or texts outside.

"Keep your phone charger in your car at all times. That's what I've been doing about it," she says.

Cell phones have become such a part of our lives -- indeed, part of our bodies -- that we take them everywhere, even outdoors. But experts say cell phones and cold weather don't mix.

"Cold temperatures -- you can see your battery life go in half," says David Greer, who owns Digital Doc on McKnight Road, repairing phones and electronics.

Greer says Apple iPhones are particularly susceptible to cold, while Samsung does a bit better.

"Apple is rated from I believe 32 degrees to roughly 95 degrees, while Samsung is rated from minus, negative 4 to up to 128, I believe it is," he said.

But all phones, iPads and laptops struggle in single digit weather and colder.

"Leaving them in cold weather, the lights can dim on the device itself, it'll drain your battery, make for like slow response time, so your device may not work as quickly or be as responsive as it normally would be," notes Kelly Wilson, who manages the Verizon Wireless store in Ross Township.

What can you do?

"Try to keep your phone on an inside pocket of your jacket so it's next to your warmth, keep it warm," says Greer.

"We also recommend carrying a portable charger -- it's call a Mofi -- that would allow you to keep your phone charged no matter where you are," adds Wilson.

But if it does freeze up in the cold, most phones will come back to life.

"Set it down, leave it warm up to room temperature," notes Greer. "Don't try to, like, shock it."


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