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'Cloud Arbor' Created For Children's Museum

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Sixty-four metal pipes are hammered into place, as construction work continues in the new Buhl Community Park on the North Side.

Meanwhile, a blue sky is blotted out by a mysterious mist, rising from 24 of those pipes. California artist Ned Kahn created "Cloud Arbor" for the Children's Museum of Pittsburgh.

Funded by the Charity Randall Foundation, he says the mist will be activated year-round.

"There's high pressure water running up the inside of these poles, and these nozzles make tiny little droplets of water, which is what we're being bathed in right now. It's essentially what clouds, real clouds are made out of."

"Cloud Arbor" has a lot in common with Old Faithful. Clouds of mist spout into the air at regular intervals. You could set your watch by it.

Behind the Children's Museum, kids get their first look at the new Outdoor Classroom. Youth programs director Kim Bracken says it's hands-on fun for kids in Head Start classes.

"Previously there was nothing in here, and we just envisioned a space that was exciting and inspiring and engaging. And so we filled with musical instruments and fruit trees and edible plants, and we just wanted it to be an inspiring place for them."

If the sun gets too hot, a "cloudy" day is just across the street.

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