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City Leaders Hope To Bring More Clean Energy Jobs To Area

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- Allegheny County leads the charge when it comes to creating clean energy jobs, but we're falling behind as a state because our policies aren't keeping up with the industry's fast pace.

Here in Pennsylvania, we understand the energy business and we do energy well, but what about clean energy?

When we talk clean energy, we're not just talking about solar panels and wind turbines.

"But you can also think about the biggest sector of clean energy, which is energy efficiency. These are the folks that are putting in a better lighter systems, putting in better heating/air-conditioning systems, that are saving consumers, saving businesses money, and creating a lot of jobs along the way," Bob Keefe, executive director of E2 Environmental Entrepreneurs, said.

Pennsylvania now ranks 11th among all 50 states for clean energy jobs, and city leaders hope to bring even more to the local area.

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"It's saving money for consumers. It's saving money for the city. It's saving money for businesses," Keefe said.

The only issue is this: everyone needs to be on the same page to pass legislation to make that happen.

"Cities get it. People like Mayor Peduto get it. There are states that get it as well, but we need legislative changes in the state of Pennsylvania to keep driving those clean energy jobs," Keefe said.

Mayor Bill Peduto said he's on board.

"You have manufacturers here, you have business leaders here, government people and the workers themselves and those that represent workers. What we're talking about is not only green jobs but good jobs and the opportunity to see the area that built America once rebuild it a second time, but this time through clean energy," he said.

Peduto says he will do everything he can to pass legislation in order to improve the number of clean energy jobs not just in Pittsburgh, but statewide.

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