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Churchill Council Meeting About Policy On Police And Racism Zoom-Bombed With Racial Slurs

CHURCHILL, Pa. (KDKA) -- Council members in Churchill are furious after a meeting was disrupted by a racist Zoom bomber.

Those on the call Wednesday said the Zoom bomber tapped into the public meeting to shout profanities and racial slurs. Council President Jay Dworin said this did not stop the true purpose of the meeting. Wednesday's meeting was about policy on police and racism.

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"We want to be the model that other communities look at and say, 'Hey, if they can do this, we can do this, too,'" said Dworin.

More specifically, the meeting addressed a dispute on Merrie-Woode Drive where Thomas Drake, a disabled Vietnam War veteran, alleges countless racist encounters with his neighbor to no resolve by police.

"The hoops mysteriously are tore up. My boat was vandalized. The police know who did it," said Drake.

The meeting was going well until Dworin said "a white supremacist Zoom-bombed our meeting. Came on and used the n-word and tried to intimidate our community to stop us from doing the kind of actions we are taking to ensure Churchill is the kind of place we believe it to be."

The person was virtually removed from the chatroom. The council is working to learn the person's identity.

"If you are a racist and you want to come to Churchill, get out. We don't want you here," Dworin said.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

The meeting ended with some resolution. Drake will sit down with the Churchill police chief. He has been advised to file a formal complaint against his neighbor.

The council is now working to pass the "Karens Act," which could fine people for using the police to harass residents.

Council members said they have reported the incident to Zoom and they are considering legal options.

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