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Finding Chlorine Has Been Challenging For Retailers And Pool Owners

GREENSBURG, Pa. (KDKA) -- The price of chlorine has been through the roof.

Chlorine is what keeps your backyard pool from becoming a pond. But finding chlorine is now a challenge for both retailers and customers.

"I'd usually go to Walmart to get chlorine and they just don't have it," said John McCabe, a pool owner.

(Photo Credit: KDKA)

The price of chlorine has increased at least 50 percent across the United States. It turns out, it all started with a fire in Louisiana.

A factory produces the majority of the chlorine tabs used in pools caught on fire a few months ago and supply isn't close to where demand is.

But what about liquid chlorine?

"They can't the plastic so you may have the liquid chlorine but you don't have the container to put it in," said Ellen Cole of King Cole Pools.

And this problem is much bigger than a backyard place to cool down. From paper production to mining, chlorine is used and in huge amounts.

As for when we can see prices go back down? Not until the end of summer.


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