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Chihuahua Mauled By Pit Bull In Butler Twp.

BUTLER TOWNSHIP (KDKA) -- The Butler County Animal Control Officer told KDKA-TV a Butler Township man will be cited next week for harboring a dangerous dog.

Brian Hindman had four adult pit bulls and seven pit bull puppies in his home, violating a township ordinance which allows only three dogs per household.

Hindman is facing charges after one of his pit bulls attacked a neighbor's Chihuahua last week and mauled her. The dog, named Daisy, had to be put down.

At the time of the attack, Daisy's owner, 10-year old Joey Hershberger, was walking her near his home.

"I couldn't move because I was in shock and then the pit bull came running after Daisy and I tried to bend down to get Daisy, but the pit bull got her, like a chew toy, and it was horrible," he recalled.

"My son could have lost his life over this, it was my dog, but it could have been my son," Janine Hershberger, the boy's mother, said.

KDKA's Ralph Iannotti tried to talk to Hindman Friday but, someone answering his door said he had no comment.

Police sources say Hindman was cited back in 2009 after two of his pit bulls were roaming free in the neighborhood.

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