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A city in West Virginia has the world's largest teapot

West Virginia home to world's largest teapot
West Virginia home to world's largest teapot 02:02

CHESTER, WEST VIRGINIA (KDKA) — Sunday is National Tea Day in the United States, and yes, it's a thing. 

And the world's largest teapot is in Chester, West Virginia.

Heinz History Center and Lincoln Highway historian Brian Butko said that this teapot was a giant root beer barrel in Imperial, Pennsylvania until a local entrepreneur brought it to West Virginia in 1938.

"Babe Devon had a pottery business right along Carolina Avenue, now the Lincoln Highway," said Butko. "The cross-country highway was going to run right past his place, so he hauled the barrel up there and converted it into the teapot that we have today to advertise his pottery business. The Chester, East Liverpool, Ohio area was once the pottery capital of America, with more than 200 potteries here. So, it was the perfect larger-than-life advertisement for his business over all the competitors."

The teapot eventually moved next to the Route 30 Bypass on the grounds of the old Rock Springs amusement park that closed in the 1970s. It has seen several restorations over the years, and there is even a Teapot Day held by Chester each August to raise money for the attraction's upkeep.

And just how big is this thing? Butko says the numbers vary depending on a few different sources, but his measurements bring it to 14 feet high and 14 feet wide. And just for fun, KDKA-TV consulted with professional mathematician Paige Kraft about these numbers, and she determined that this teapot could hold over 13,000 gallons of tea.

So, what is the legacy of this teapot? Butko says it is a symbol of pride for the region's past and future.

"For locals, it really represents the industry that they are proud of and how many potteries were here at one time," said Butko. "I think it is really a wonderful testament to what was here and for the future."

Teapot Day will be held this summer in Chester at the teapot on Aug. 10.

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