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Chelsea's DIY Holiday Series: T-Shirt Pillow

Check out the video above to see how Chelsea takes a t-shirt from Good Will, and transforms it into a decorative pillow for a perfect holiday gift!

Here are the materials you'll need to complete the project:

  • Scissors
  • A measuring tool
  • A pillow insert or fiber fill (this can be found at your local craft supply store)
  • A t-shirt from Good Will

Step One: Prepare the Material

Turn your shirt inside out and pin the two sides together. Then use a pen or pencil to lightly trace the outline of your pillow and cut. Remember to account for the 1.5-2 inches of material needed for the ties around the edge of the pillow.

Step Two: More Cutting!

To produce corners for your pillow, you'll need to remove a square of material from each of the four corners. These squares should be the length of your ties. Chelsea used 2'' ties, so she removed 2'' x 2'' squares from each corner of her material. After that, cut the strips. Strips can be anywhere from 1/4'' to 1/2'' wide.

Step Three: Tie & Stuff

Turn the material right side out and begin tying double knots with the opposing ties. Continue until you have completed 3.5 sides of the pillow. Then use this opening to stuff the pillow with fiber fill. If you are using a pillow insert, stop after tying the 3rd side in order to fit the case around the pillow. Once the insert or fiber fill is inside, complete tying the remaining strips together, and you're done!

Did you know you can now purchase gift cards for Good Will? Purchase a $25 gift card in the month of December and get a $5 gift card for free!


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