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'This Is A Story Of Retaliation:' Chelsa Wagner, Husband Due Back In Detroit Court

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - Chelsa Wagner and her husband are accusing the Westin hotel and Detroit Police of a cover-up in an exclusive interview with KDKA's Jon Delano.

Allegheny County Controller Chelsa Wagner and her husband Khari Mosley were arrested at a hotel in Detroit earlier this year.

Wagner is charged with interfering with police as they tried to remove her husband. Similar misdemeanor charges were made against Mosley as well.

Jon Delano spoke with Wagner and her husband in an exclusive interview with KDKA.

KDKA's Jon Delano Reports:


Both Wagner and Mosley are accusing the Westin Hotel and the Detroit Police of a cover-up.

"So many falsifications," Wagner says.

"And so that's why we're happy to arrive at this week where we finally do have our day in court, and we're able to point to what has been just an outrageous attempt to smear our reputations."

"They just messed up, and instead of owning up, they've been covering up."

Wagner shared hotel camera footage of her husband requesting a card key to their room.

Jon Delano: You're not going to let me share this with the public?
Chelsa Wagner: Right. Because it could be seen as us trying to taint a jury pool.

Delano reports the video shows Wagner's husband Mosley quite animated, but not endangering anyone.

"They characterize this as a disturbance. So not as a guest who can't get into his room," Wagner says.

"And so, this is where I say it's like a bad game of telephone, that nobody was really assessing what the situation was. And Khari finally says, 'please call the police.' He's the one that asked for the police to be called."

Wagner says the footage of the hotel bar, which she thinks will vindicate her husband, was destroyed, even though she says the hotel was on notice to hold it.

Mosley calls this whole experience one from the Twilight Zone.

"It's been a victimization that night and a victimization throughout the whole process," he says.

Jon Delano: You both feel that you're the victims?
Chelsa Wagner: Absolutely. I mean, this is a story of retaliation. The charges against us were filed the day after they received notice that we were going to sue them. And then you have charges that are absolutely outrageous to perpetuate this cover-up.

Wagner and Mosley argue they were treated differently by the Westin Hotel and Detroit Police than if this had happened to anyone else who lost a key card.

Wagner's lawyers will argue that no laws were violated and that all charges should be dismissed.

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