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Charlie Morton: I've Gotten Good At Pitching Hurt & Staying Positive

BRADENTON (93-7 The Fan) – Pirates pitcher Charlie Morton sat down with "The Fan Morning Show" at Spring Training in Bradenton this week to talk about recovering from hip surgery this offseason and getting ready for the 2015 season.

Morton said he's learned how to pitch amidst adversity.

"I've gotten really good at pitching hurt," Morton said. "I've gotten really good at having a positive mindset, a good mindset, where each day, I can handle the challenges that are presented. If I don't, I can deal with it. When I was younger, I was less mature. I felt a lot of weight on my shoulders. I felt like a lot of things were on my plate that really, in retrospect, weren't. Now, I think I've simplified things and just grown up a little bit."

Morton also explained that he's learned to use his thought process as his ally.

"Some people have the ability to think a lot and simplify things," Morton said. "Early on, I would think a lot, and it would just be noise. I couldn't really simplify things, and I made the game more complicated. And then, as you get older, you kind of realize that the game is actually pretty simple. You could be your worst enemy, but at the same time, like right now, I feel like that's one of my strong points, is the ability for me to dissect a situation."

"The Fan Morning Show" will be broadcasting live from Bradenton all week long.

The interview can be heard here:

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