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Changes Mandated For Shuman Center

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The state is taking Shuman to task rejecting its response to the assault on the 16-year-old resident and busting the detention facility down to a provisional license.

The county manager agrees.

"I am disappointing in Shuman's response that the state has rejected and resulted in a provisional license," County Manager William McKain said.

In this report, the State Department of Public Welfare says the Shuman staff first denied an assault took place -- saying the resident fell down. Then the administration took four more days to report it.

The state has now rejected Shuman plans to ensure it doesn't happen again -- saying much bolder action is needed.

McKain has prescribed a myriad of reforms including retraining of the staff and new accounting procedures.

"These changes have to be implemented," he said.

In our reports, we've detailed the complaints of current and former employees who say that assaults on residents and staff routinely go unreported. McKain says he's already taking steps to address that.

"The employee have made those types of assertions," he said. "That's why one of the corrective actions set up in my investigation is to take all security measure off off staff and they report directly to the county police and the superintendent."

And so Shuman has been put on notice.

These changes have been mandate and must be implement or the center will face the consequences.


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