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Local Doctors Say The Chance Our Region Doesn't See A Coronavirus Surge Increases 'As Long As We're Safe And Careful'

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) - For the past four days, Allegheny County has reported no deaths from COVID-19 and a limited number of new cases.
This all comes after spending a week in the "green" phase of reopening. Health experts said our area has avoided any major spike during the pandemic.

"It's not surprising that we continue to be at a low number of cases," Allegheny Health Network Internal Medicine Dr. Marc Itskowitz said through Zoom.

Dr. Marc Itskowitz and UPMC Medical Director of Hospital Epidemiology and Infection Prevention Dr. Graham Snyder said we never had a surge to begin with. They credit people listening to social distancing guidelines and wearing masks for avoiding an uptick to this point.

"When I'm out and about running errands, looks like to me they are doing it very well," Dr. Snyder said.

"The masks, they can be annoying but for the most part, as long as every wears them, they are keeping us safe from getting particles on other people," Jacey Mirenna said.

Doctors said there are several other variables that could have prevented a COVID-19 spike so far for the area, including contact tracing and our population density.

"For the moment, the expectation is that we have done what we should be doing and it should continue to get better," Dr. Snyder said.

"As long as we're safe and careful, we increase our chances we won't see a surge. We don't know whether this virus will burn out or if we have to wait for an effective vaccine," Dr. Itskowitz said.

With all this said, both doctors say we are not out of the woods. There could be factors out of our control that could change the situation.

Dr. Snyder said we must continue contact tracing and if you're sick with symptoms, get tested. Both asked people to continue practice social distancing and wearing mask to try and prevent any spread.

"Continued attention to those measures will keep us all safe," Dr. Snyder said over Zoom.

"I get that it can be pretty annoying but at the same time you have to do what you can to prevent it from spiking. We've been pretty good here," Shane Wallace told KDKA.

According to Dr. Itskowitz, outside could play a role in preventing the spread as well. He said there is still risk but it can be a significant benefit as well as a morale booster.

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