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Century III Mall Evicting Tenants, Comic Book Store Owner Glad To Be Gone

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WEST MIFFLIN (KDKA) -- The Century III Mall is evicting tenants.

The struggling mall is in bankruptcy and was recently ordered closed by building inspectors.

West Mifflin Borough has declared the mall unsafe and uninhabitable due to the broken sprinkler system.

Two businesses, a nail salon and comic book store, have been given 30 days notice to move by the owner.


New Dimension Comics has since moved to the Waterfront in Homestead. The comic store lost a good bit of merchandise when the sprinkler system broke.

Owner Todd McDevitt says he's happy to be in a better location.

"It certainly was declining conditions, but we fought that for years. There was always something. There was always somebody moving out. There was always some section getting closed down. There was always some sheriff's sale or violation or something going on, but to live in that negative stigma was a challenge. We're glad to not be in that negative environment anymore, and [now] in a super positive one like the Waterfront," McDevitt said.

So far, there is no word on where the nail salon will relocate.

Customers are disappointed, saying they watched the mall go downhill over the years.

"I grew up here and this used to be the place to be when we were young," shopper Tom Noll said.

"If I was a business owner, I don't know I'd even want to be in here because you can see, you drive through the [empty] parking lots and it's just sad. It really is," shopper Dave Oehleg said.

Two remaining stores, J. C. Penney and Dick's Sporting Goods, are not affected and remain open for business.

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