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Caught On Camera: Witnesses Say Boxer Paul Spadafora Assaulted Woman At Bar

CRAFTON (KDKA) -- A local boxer, who has had a few run-ins with the law, is now in trouble again, accused of assaulting a woman in her 60s in a local shopping center parking lot.

The incident happened on Monday at the Crafton Ingram Shopping Center. The woman involved is 63.

The surveillance camera video is grainy and the incident is capture on the edge of the screen, but witnesses say they have no doubt the man seen in it, throwing the woman to the ground, is Paul Spadafora, of McKees Rocks.

Long known as the "Pittsburgh Kid," the folks at the Redstone Tavern say 40-year-old Spadafora and his brother came in around 3 p.m. on Monday and started playing pool.

"He seemed pretty, like he was intoxicated, not intoxicated like liquor-wise, but like he was on something else," said Rob Thomas, a bartender.

But after a few drinks, Redstone Tavern patron Taz says Spadafora "started harassing from the end of the bar to the other end of the bar, 'Who wants to box with me? Who wants to fight with me?' Everybody just kept their seats, and minding their own business."

But when he got to one woman, identified only as Liz, at the end of the bar, Thomas says Spadafora allegedly grabbed her hat.

"Shook her in a headlock a little bit, and started drinking her beer," said Thomas.

According to witnesses, Liz got away from Spadafora and headed outside to call the police, but witnesses say he followed her out.

"He goes out there 'cause he heard she was calling the police, and went out, grabbed her and threw her on the ground," said Thomas.

Liz stayed on the ground for a while. The patrons say her leg was bloodied, but she was able to get up. A few minutes later, with his brother leading the way in the Steelers jersey, Spadafora left the shopping center. Police and an ambulance arrived moments later.

"We are still in the investigative stage of the investigation, but we will be filing charges," said Crafton Police Department Chief Mark Sumpter.

The investigating officer tells KDKA's John Shumway that Spadafora will be charged with simple assault and harassment. He will be getting a summons.

Liz was treated for an injury to her hand and knee at the scene. KDKA was unsuccessful Wednesday trying to contact Spadafora or his attorney.

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