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Police: Carrick HS Student Tried To Bring Heroin Into School

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- As the heroin epidemic rages on, once again, it's struck close to home.

At Carrick High School, an unidentified student is facing charges in Juvenile Court, after school police said they stopped him as he was trying to bring 20 stamp bags of heroin into the school.

A metal detector was activated as the student was entering the building. The student was searched, and the suspected drugs were found.

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He was later released to his parents.

Kristine Twerdok, who was out with her four daughters Thursday evening, lives just down the street from Carrick High.

Twerdok told KDKA-TV News, "I think about [what] if this kid lives across the street from me, or right next door, and what goes on in his house, and if it's going to affect us."

What set off the Carrick High School metal detector in the first place was not immediately clear, but a district spokeswoman said the student was not carrying weapons.

Other parents said they were also troubled by the the incident, and had firsthand knowledge of the crisis that has caused so much pain and heartache.

"It's so scary in this day and age. I mean, I know friends of my sons have unfortunately succumbed to heroin and to other drugs, it's such an epidemic. I wish something could help," Ed Moeller, of Carrick, said.

"In my opinion, it has touched me, personally, and at work. I know too much about it not to have an opinion. My advice is talk to your kids, I mean, know your kids... talk to them, know them," Becky Burns, another neighbor, said.

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