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Carnegie Police Arrest Man Accused Of Threatening Girlfriend

CARNEGIE (KDKA) -- Carnegie Police say they are concerned about what they call an alarming increase in the firepower they are seeing on the streets.

In the most recent case, officials say they discovered a cache of assault weapons on a man who was allegedly threatening his girlfriend.

Carnegie Police Chief Jeff Harbin says his officers found assault rifles, hundreds of rounds of ammunition and two other handguns in the hands of a man not allowed by law to have them.

"I don't believe that he should have in any way, shape or form… own any type of firearm," said Chief Harbin.

Carnegie Police arrested 29-year-old Jason Bugansky. He's accused of firing several shots at his girlfriend last year and threatening her life, and shooting at her again late last week.

Once he was cuffed and in custody, police found the weapons, the ammunition and even some drugs.

"I don't know what his motive would have been. If in fact he would have got one of these weapons - that in law enforcement - that is our biggest fear," said Chief Harbin. "Those weapons were available to him. And again, I don't know what his motivation would have been. Fortunately, in this case, he didn't have time to think."

Chief Harbin says there is no record of where the suspect purchased the assault rifles.

"I can't see why anyone should possess a weapon like this," said Chief Harbin. "The one weapon is a weapon that we carry as a tactical weapon in our police cars. We're not talking about your average hunting rifle or somebody going to the range, we're talking about these semi-automatic weapons that can do terrible destruction."

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