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'A Is For Anthropocene' Carnegie Museum Of Natural History Launches Podcast

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- The Carnegie Museum of Natural History has announced the launch of a bi-weekly podcast "A is for Anthropocene: Living in the Age of Humanity."

The show will feature scientists and artists talking about global environmental issues and sustainability innovations.

Hosted by Museum Director Eric Dorfman and Marketing Director Sloan MacRae, the show will discuss global environmental changes, new innovations in sustainability and interviews with scientists about what living in the age of humanity is like.

"For so long, natural history museums have separated humans from nature," said Dorfman. "Human beings don't appear in many dioramas. We come to museums and look at other species on pedestals or behind glass, conveniently omitting our own planetary legacy and impact. This podcast invites the audience to rethink natural history, present, and future by putting humans at the forefront."

Joining Dorfman and MacRae on the first episode is artist and photographer Catherine Chalmers. Her work has examined the intersection of art and nature.

"People are interested in what happens behind the scenes at this museum," said MacRae. "Whether using the journals of Henry David Thoreau to understand how climate change affects today's wildflowers or doing contract work for the USDA to identify invasive insects, our scientists and researchers engage with the Anthropocene every day. We're now positioned to host this forum on a much bigger scale and include artists, writers, and local and international leaders."

The first episode is available now and can be found at the show's website.

Two new episodes will be released during the week of October 14 and the week of October 21. Then starting in November, the show will move to its original planned schedule of every other week.

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