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Carnegie Mellon University Reinstates Masking Requirements

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- As students get ready to return to class, Carnegie Mellon University is reinstating on-campus masking requirements.

The announcement comes in a campus-wide letter released Monday afternoon from CMU's COVID-19 Coordinator Daryl Weinert.

The facial covering requirement goes into effect on Sunday, Aug. 15.

In the letter, Weinert says, "This decision was informed by the recently updated CDC guidelines and we anticipate this to be a temporary measure as we plan a safe return to campus. As always, vaccinated individuals who wish to wear a mask before Aug. 15 are welcome to do so."

CMU cites a number of reasons for bringing back the mask requirement -- including an uptick in regional cases, the Delta variant and the return of students for a new academic year.

"We need to take this action to protect the health and safety of our community."

To read the full letter from COVID-19 Coordinator Daryl Weinert, click here.

The university is also offering free vaccine clinics for students and staff. If you are a member of the CMU community, you can register for the shot here.

Students and faculty, however, say they're willing to comply and do their part.

"I think if they are necessary, I don't really mind wearing them, because it's not too hard to get around," said Juliann Mattis, an incoming freshman. "Maybe in the summer it's a little hot but indoors it's fine."

"That's great," added Paul Sides, a professor emeritus. "We think that a great thing to protect yourself and other people. We don't see that as an infringement."

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