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Car slams into home in Turtle Creek early on Saturday morning

Cleanup underway after car slams into home in Turtle Creek
Cleanup underway after car slams into home in Turtle Creek 02:10

TURTLE CREEK (KDKA) - A car crashed into a house in Turtle Creek early Saturday morning, shocking a quiet neighborhood. Witnesses told KDKA the driver took off, and according to a police source, eventually went to the hospital. Her condition is unknown.

Police say the driver may have been under the influence. She was taken to the hospital to get medical testing for a suspected DUI. 

As Tony Velasquez looked at his neighbor's home at Lynn Avenue and Rachel Street, he reflected on what happened hours earlier.

"I heard a big bang," Velasquez said. "Like a train hitting a car or something like that. It was real loud."

Seconds after the boom, the power went out.

Velasquez ran outside to see a car on the front lawn of the house next door and a snapped telephone pole leaning on the front windshield. The wall of the house was torn off, sitting on top of a pile of debris.

"Knocked the fence right out and everything," Velasquez said.

Allegheny County officials said they got called to respond to the area around 2:30 a.m.

Car Crashes Into Home 02:12

Roxanne Jones is thankful no one was home. Her aunt has lived there for 40 years but was out of town.

"It's traumatizing," Jones said.

Jones and her neighbors always feared this would happen.

"It was just like, not again," Jones said.

She said in recent years three or four cars have hit that pole, but until now, her aunt's house was spared.

"People fly through the stop sign that was there. People just fly through it all the time. They never stop," Jones said.

"The circumstances behind the crash remain unclear, whether alcohol or drugs played factors and whether another car was involved.

Jones just wants to get answers for her aunt.

"Hopefully, get justice," Jones said. "[They get], you know what [they deserve] for going through my aunt's house."

State police are handling the investigation. At this time, they have yet to file any charges if they plan to do so.

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