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Woman, Child Rescued From Car After Crash Into Creek In West End

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) -- A woman and a child had to be rescued from a car this morning after it went into a creek in the West End.

This happened near the intersection of Woodville Avenue and Minotte Square just after 9 a.m. Tuesday.

Medics say they're not sure what caused the woman to lose control and crash over the edge, plunging at least 12 feet into the creek.

But they say that the road has a sharp turn and drivers should be careful.

The EMS district chief says they had a tough time rescuing the woman from her car.

"Getting access to her, she was entrapped in the vehicle, the roof needed removed, the doors needed opening up, the vehicle needed to be stabilized before anybody could do anything, and she's obviously in a creek so it makes a lot of things harder to do down there," Mike Rogers said.

He says there was just enough water to be a hindrance to rescuers and a danger to someone trapped in a car about a foot deep.

The woman was taken to Mercy Hospital to be treated for her injuries, but medics say the boy with her wasn't hurt. He was able to get out of the vehicle and walk up to the road.

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