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Lawsuit Claims Canon-McMillan School District Asked Students If They Were Vaccinated Without Parental Consent

CANONSBURG, Pa. (KDKA) - Some parents are taking legal action against the Canon McMillan School District.

A lawsuit claims students were asked to share personal medical information without parental consent.

KDKA reached out to the school district for comment and a spokesperson said they are unaware of the lawsuit. The attorney for the parents said from his understanding, the district has not been served with it yet.

The complaint seeking declaratory judgment was filed on Friday.

"They got large groups of students together en masse, presented them with these medical forms, asked them to fill out questionnaires, asked them about their private activities that they were involved in, in school and out of school, and then asked them about their vaccination status," Lane Turturice, the plaintiffs' attorney.

The paperwork states a student tested positive for COVID-19, the district started contact tracing, and dozens of students were removed from class to see the nurse.

"In some cases, they asked questions about the vaccination status of household members. They're not even students. Frankly, I'm shocked," Turturice said.

The lawsuit claims the district violated students' rights under the United States Constitution and the Pennsylvania Constitution.

"All in large groups where kids were disclosing this in front of each other, in front of other adults. Nothing was done to protect this information. And most of all, their parents weren't even consulted and that's the problem in this case," he said.

The suit claims students were segregated into two groups, vaccines and unvaccinated. It also claims unvaccinated students were sent home and vaccinated students were told they would be sent home if they did not agree to wear a mask.

"The school board and superintendent were completely unprepared for this situation. They didn't have an alternative education plan for these kids that they sent home as a result of the private information that they used to throw them out of school," Turturice said.

He said from his understanding, the lawsuit has not been served to the district yet, which is part of the process and could be served on Monday.

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